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Reinventing Spermidine, BUCANUS Wins 2023 German Most Popular Nutritional Brand Award

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Reinventing Spermidine, BUCANUS Wins 2023 German Most Popular Nutritional Brand Award

April 02
13:20 2024

As the most anticipated event in the German nutritional product industry, the 2023 German Nutritional Product List, jointly selected by the German Nutritional Product Association and 15 mainstream German media outlets, has been officially released. The nutritional brand BUCANUS, which has become popular in Germany for developing the sixth generation of spermidine products, was awarded the “2023 German Most Popular Nutritional Brand Award.”

Due to severe population aging and having the strictest industry access system in the European Union, nutritional brands in the German market have always been synonymous with high quality. This selection event, hosted by the German Nutritional Product Association, aims to recognize brands that have achieved outstanding success in the nutritional product industry. The selection process covers multiple key indicators such as product quality, customer satisfaction, and market share, and the results carry significant credibility in the German market. The nominated nutritional brands include industry-leading brands such as Zirkulin, Biotikon, and BUCANUS.

BUCANUS is hailed as a pioneer in the European nutritional medicine field. With brand medical engineers who are Nobel Prize winners, the brand’s stringent requirements for product quality have solidified BUCANUS as one of the top-tier nutritional brands in Europe. Their best-selling products are nutrient supplements tailored for women and men, with product sales occupying nearly 70% of the German market share.

As one of the best-selling products of BUCANUS, the spermidine supplement under the BUCANUS brand is a high-end nutritional product well-known among elite individuals in Germany. Jointly developed by American and German scientists, it utilizes oral functional protein peptide technology and has undergone technological innovation compared to traditional spermidine products. With the industry’s first 29,000:1 high-purity technology, the absorption rate has been increased by over 9 times compared to traditional spermidine products, earning it the title of the sixth generation spermidine supplement.

The founder of BUCANUS expressed sincere gratitude for this honor, stating, “We are very honored to receive the 2023 German Most Popular Nutritional Brand Award. This is the best reward for our years of relentless efforts and continuous pursuit of excellence. We will continue to strive to provide users with high-quality products and excellent services, becoming a trusted health brand for more consumers.”

The chairman of the German Nutritional Product Association also highly praised BUCANUS’s performance, stating, “BUCANUS has achieved commendable results in product quality, innovation capabilities, and a keen understanding of consumer needs. Their products are not only widely popular in the market but also play a significant role in helping people maintain health and improve quality of life. We sincerely congratulate BUCANUS on this honor and look forward to their continued success in the future.”

Analysts believe that as a brand leading the industry’s development, BUCANUS will continue to innovate and strive to provide better health solutions for people, bringing more health and happiness to users.

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