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Intelligent Environmental Protection Limited will officially launch a global environmental commitment in 2024

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Intelligent Environmental Protection Limited will officially launch a global environmental commitment in 2024

December 06
22:55 2023

On December 5, Intelligent Environmental Protection Limited (IEP), a company known for its significant contributions to global environmental protection and good market performance, announced that it will officially launch a global environmental commitment in 2024 after optimizing its company projects. This initiative will utilize the company’s independently developed big data intelligence system for ecological environments, promoting global environmental protection, strictly adhering to local regulations, reducing local environmental impacts, and making the world more harmonious and beautiful.

This commitment not only represents IEP’s promise to environmental protection and sustainability but also positions the company as an important participant in the global market, demonstrating IEP’s commitment to social responsibility in the field of environmental protection. Benefiting from IEP’s firm mission since its inception in 2009 to promote environmental protection and find effective nature-based solutions for the world, the company has made significant progress and gradually become a leader in the field of sustainable development.

IEP sets its corporate vision even higher and further, focusing not only on its own development but also on its responsibility to the planet. It encourages and assists scientists and social efforts worldwide to protect the integrity and diversity of natural resources. Through various environmental protection strategies in the past, IEP has been widely recognized in the international community. By 2023, it has gained over 13 million supporters globally, with project networks spread across more than 30 countries, becoming a partner of multiple green organizations such as the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

To maintain the company’s original vision, in 2024, IEP will continue to innovate, actively reduce pollution loads, strengthen environmental emergency work, and ensure environmental safety. The proposal of this environmental commitment further updates IEP’s environmental vision, providing direction for IEP to achieve green and sustainable development. It clarifies environmental goals and action guidelines, utilizing the immense value brought by these innovations to overcome global environmental and other social issues.

As a globally renowned intelligent environmental protection company with a large number of employees and supporters, IEP will take various measures for the multi-layered implementation of this environmental commitment: providing employees with a series of benefits, allowing them the freedom to choose green travel modes, and encouraging volunteers and supporters to try and explore eco-friendly travel methods. In addition, IEP also implements measures such as paper recycling, reuse, and energy management worldwide, actively striving to reduce environmental impacts.

IEP calls for more companies worldwide to join the environmental protection family, to collectively protect our Earth’s home, and hopes that everyone can contribute to the cause of environmental protection, working together to create a better future and integrate the beauty of nature into all aspects of life.

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