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Kevin Schewe’s Award Winning Sci-Fi Adventure Series Now in a 4-Book Set for the Holidays

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Kevin Schewe’s Award Winning Sci-Fi Adventure Series Now in a 4-Book Set for the Holidays

November 16
13:48 2021

Jasper, Indiana, USA – November 15, 2021 – Kevin Schewe has combined the first four books of his popular and award-winning sci-fi series, the Bad Love adventures, into an affordable box set. All formats, hardcover, paperback and e-book, will be available for purchase during the holidays. With expected shortages of gifts due to transportation snarls, the perfect gift might be the Bad Love Gang’s extended adventures through time, space and history. The fourth installment, Bad Love Medicine, was recently released and brought the time-traveling group of brave teenagers into direct conflict with Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party in WWII Germany.

These are the books in chronological order of release over the last two years: Bad Love Strikes, Bad Love Tigers, Bad Love Beyond and Bad Love Medicine. Each book stands alone with the scenes shifting from World War II and the mid-1970s to distant planets populated by alien beings, dinosaurs and other exotic creatures. Since time travel and alien worlds are involved, Schewe delves deeply into the scientific breakthroughs achieved with the creation of nuclear weapons during the super-secret Manhattan Project and how that connects to time-travel.

The entire four book set is available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Bad-Love-Collection-Sci-Fi-Adventure-ebook/dp/B09LPPDBMM/ ASIN: B09LPPDBMM, or www.jancarolpublishing.com.

Pop culture also plays a role in all the books as hit songs, from the 1960s and 1970s, periodically come up to highlight a mood, a moment or a motivation. Each book has an amazing song playlist and can be easily found on Spotify. Schewe encourages readers to have the digital playlist handy so one might listen to the music as it is highlighted during that particular part of the story.

Schewe has penned a screenplay for the first book, Bad Love Strikes, that has been racking up awards all over the world. It just nabbed its 7th international award in Madrid, Spain after picking up awards at the Seoul International Film Festival in Korea and in Munich, Germany at the New Wave Short Film Festival, where it was chosen as a Special Jury Screenplay Selection. It also has picked up the Prix Royal Paris Silver Screenplay Award, the South Florida International Film Festival for Best Original Screenplay for Young Adults, the L.A. Film Awards Best Sci-Fi Screenplay, and a Gold Script Writing Award for Sci-Fi Adventure from the Depth of Field International Film Festival. “Great writing needs to be savored and rewarded,” said the Prix Royal Paris judges.

Awards the books have collectively picked up in the last years include the Wishing Shelf Red Ribbon Winner, Literary Titan Silver Book Award, NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, AMI Indie Book Awards, and an eLit Award to name a few.

Listen to Kevin Schewe interviewed on the Book Spectrum Radio Show at https://soundcloud.com/expertclickradio/author-of-bad-love-medicine-kevin-schewe-featured-on-book-spetrum-radio-show.

Bad Love Medicine takes readers from the deep-space beauty of Planet Azur back to a WWII Europe riddled with danger and espionage, bringing the time traveling heroes face-to-face with one of history’s greatest villains-Adolf Hitler himself. The Bad Love Gang series is part history lesson and part sci-fi adventure. Its Teenage Goonies meets Raiders of the Lost Ark or Stand By Me meets Stranger Things – all the while being historically accurate! Schewe’s engaging Bad Love Gang (based on his own friends in high school) once again set out to save history-this time, by stopping the Nazis from creating a time machine of their own.

“If history was taught this way in school, everyone would be a scholar and educating ourselves not only about our accomplishments but the horrors of the past that should awaken and give insight to the path of a better future. A rare gem!”
-David Holladay, MD, 5-Stars

“Skillful writing (both historical and fantastical), a zesty sense of humor, an appreciation for pop culture, and the ability to create memorably entertaining characters combine to make this an immensely impressive series – and experience! Very highly recommended.” – Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer, 5-Stars

In Bad Love Strikes, the Gang discovers The White Hole Project, a time machine created by President Franklin Roosevelt in case the atomic bomb failed, and then go on to save a group of Holocaust victims. In the exciting first sequel, Bad Love Tigers, the Gang use the White Hole Project to travel back to 1945 to thwart Russian spies and protect the secrets of the White Hole Project and Area 51. In Bad Love Beyond, the Gang travel not just through time but through space as well to learn the reason behind Blue Nova One’s mysterious visit to earth and to get the cure for breast cancer. Then, in Bad Love Medicine, the Bad Love Gang has a two-fold mission: reunite a love-struck couple separated by time (while saving one of them from a future fate of breast cancer) and, at Winston Churchill’s personal request, stop Hitler and the Nazis from creating a time machine of their own.

Watch the book trailers for each book at https://bit.ly/BadLoveStrikes-Trailer or https://bit.ly/BadLoveTigers_Trailer or https://bit.ly/BadLoveBeyondTrailer or https://bit.ly/BadLoveMedicineTrailer.

About Kevin Schewe

Kevin L. Schewe, MD, FACRO, is a board-certified cancer specialist who has been in the private practice of radiation oncology for over 34 years. He is an entrepreneur, having founded Elite Therapeutics and Bad Love Cosmetics Company, LLC.

A long-time history buff, Schewe is the author of the Bad Love Book Series, a young adult sci-fi adventure that spans much of early 20th century history. You can connect with Kevin Schewe through his website KevinSchewe.com or via Instagram @realkevinschewe.

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