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It Rained Cats and Dogs in the Capital Late Night!

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It Rained Cats and Dogs in the Capital Late Night!

August 06
12:02 2015

delhi wNew Delhi, Thursday, August 6 – Sultry and sticky weather was a key cause of huge disappointment for the people residing in Delhi in the last 4 to 5 days. It grew more after rain forecast did not turn true, with several regions striving for water. Showers during early July almost made things hell for commuters but August began with extreme moisture.

Dampness increased vastly, resulting in discomfort. People having air conditioners at their places were able to get rid of humidity to a certain extent but problems augmented for those having just coolers & fans. Troubles are endless for homeless in every climate condition whether it is hot, cold or moist. But finally Delhiites and people living in Ghaziabad and Noida heaved a sigh of relief after late night rainfall.

It rained cats and dogs in the late hours. Precipitation was accompanied by lightning and thunderstorm, letting inhabitants get a respite from moist condition. As of today, maximum and minimum temperatures are supposed to settle on 33 and 26 degrees Celsius. If it rains as forecast on Thursday then these are probable to drop by 1 to 2 degree Celsius which will make residents enjoy the sudden transition in weather, which was eyed from very long.

Wind speed today will be 8 km per hour, which is set to increase up to 13 km per hour by the end of this week. 80 per cent showers in next to no time will add to worries for the people on the way to office, colleges, schools and other locations thanks to water-logging but introduce comfort as well. “Shravan month should be full of rain as it is ideal for seasonal crops. Besides this, it sets the base for soothing weather in the later months as well”, said a person who was elated to see clouds bringing downpour finally.