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Think Positive during all Trimesters to Get a Cheerful Baby

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Think Positive during all Trimesters to Get a Cheerful Baby

July 23
13:02 2015

ladyNew Delhi, Thursday, July 23 – Happy pregnancy is what all women want. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Pregnancy blues do not let ‘moms to be’ stay content, which is actually an important medicine. Positive thiking makes a lot of things simple. If one overcomplicate anything than necessary, chances of facing a number of problems in three trimesters, during delivery and postpartum increase.

It has rightly been said by our elders that mood of mother affects the baby as well. The merrier a mom is, the happier a child is. Vice-versa condition is also applicable. Those who feel irritated while being pregnant may end up having babies who cry often and grow up as an angry human being.

To get rid of mild anxiety and depressive symptoms, good novels and books could extremely be helpful. Physical exercises recommended by the doctors are useful in adding happiness in life. Mood swings can be avoided by having healthy talks with family members, who believe in spreading gladness and guiding expectant moms in a right manner. Listening to good music and watching comedy movies are amazing options as well.

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