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Make Wise Use of Vehicles to Stop Parking Woes

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Make Wise Use of Vehicles to Stop Parking Woes

July 16
13:50 2015

carsNew Delhi, Thursday, July 16 – Space for parking has emerged as a biggest trouble for the people residing in different states but it is insolvable sometimes in Delhi regions, where people usually aren’t hesitant of making fights blow out of proportion. Since none like to pay for parking, one parks 4 and 2-wheelers wherever they see any room for it.

If truth be told then creating parking space has now become business for many, charging hefty sums from the people. But why such scenario appeared? Why are the masses making life hell for themselves and others? Through extreme usage of cars and bikes gives rise to pollution. If one limits use of different means of transportation then he can help decongest roads of the national capital.

On a daily basis, commuters face horrendous time while going back home post office and school hours. Big queues on the streets clearly signify that everyone loves the comfort of traveling with personal automobile. Even though many commute through public transport, a lot of things can yet be done to make roads clear. Car pooling is a good option. It is the time for populace to wake up otherwise they must get ready to see horrific time in the near future.