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Do Celebrities Really Deserve Extra Media Attention?

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Do Celebrities Really Deserve Extra Media Attention?

June 10
12:56 2015

shahidNew Delhi, Wednesday, June 10 – The headline is alone capable of making a few annoyed. But post going through several reports in the newspaper, magazines and news published online, it was hard to carry all emotions within the heart.

Rumors about Shahid Kapoor’s wedding date have been doing the rounds. Some predict it to take place in June while a few early next month. It is far beyond one’s common understanding that how Shahid’s marriage date is gonna make any difference in the life of masses, who struggle on a daily basis to manage two time meals for the family.

Media certainly covers different categories as well but why to make celebrities stay on the top of the world! Why aren’t engineers, doctors etc. are given the weightage for the kind of work they do. Each profession has its own significance and should be respected. But giving extra attention to the people associated to film industry is something that doesn’t seem right.

Me think on this note that if coming on TV is the first step to gain popularity then everyone would compel their kids to be dancer, actor and musician. High payment structure is another area that can be debated. Poor class strives for food but a celeb take home humongous amount for endorsing a food brand. Not everyone enjoys reading and watching happenings of the B-town. There is perhaps the need to work on an individual front and reconsider what all to cover and what to leave that could help coming generations do their bit and take India on the glory of success.