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Team Task to Test Pressure Handling Capability of MasterChef Contestants in Dubai

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Team Task to Test Pressure Handling Capability of MasterChef Contestants in Dubai

March 26
13:57 2015

masterchef newNew Delhi, Thursday, March 26 – With each passing week, the ongoing MasterChef India Season 4 is entering into an interesting phase. After introducing elimination task to the contestants on their day 1 in Dubai, popular chefs imparting their role as the judges at the cookery show asked them to perform upcoming challenge in a team of two.

Selection of the team members was done randomly. Contestants were asked to pick a box each which had aprons of different colors. Ashish Singh and Neha Deepak Shah got red aprons, Nikita Gandhi and Vijay Sharma blue aprons and Pratibha Kocher & Bhakti Arora Manekar got the green ones.

As soon as the preparation time started, they all rushed to the allotted counters. Problem began when Bhakti-Pratibha pair learnt Ashish & Neha are preparing almost a similar snack as of theirs. Since the red team preparations sped up right from the beginning, it was next to impossible for them to change the game plan. After mulling over pros and cons of serving same dish to the customers, which were supposed to throng food stalls soon, the women in green aprons settled on making tortilla instead of nachos.

The team in blue is in real trouble as Nikita accidentally added salt in kheer and realized just after Vijay tasted it. At a crucial phase in the competition, nobody wants to lose the ground. This team task will test the pressure handling capability of MasterChef India Season 4 contenders who have showed great improvement in each challenge. The level of difficulty will rise the moment food lovers start to come to the counters and order for yummy cuisines.

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