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MasteChef’s Judges Surprise Contestants by Introducing ‘Aakhiri Dao’ in Mid-Week

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MasteChef’s Judges Surprise Contestants by Introducing ‘Aakhiri Dao’ in Mid-Week

March 19
11:48 2015

masterchefNew Delhi, Thursday, March 19 – Preparing one plate less than what judges asked at the start of new week may bring an irreparable change in the stint of three contestants of MasterChef India Season 4. Here is to mention that despite giving Khichadi a new look and delicious flavor, team red that was led by Vijay Sharma lost against Nikita Gandhi’s ladies in blue apron.

An insignificant mistake turned bigger when Vijay, Bhakti Arora and Ashish Singh were taken by surprise the moment top chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar told them about facing each other in ‘Aakhiri Dao’. The three contestants were prepared to save themselves from the danger zone and hoping to go upstairs by being at par with the soaring hopes of judges. They were left with no option but to find some words to express their shock when informed one among them is going to leave MasterChef kitchen forever.

Vijay, Bhakti and Ashish who worked in a group against Karishma Sakhrani, Pratibha Kocher, Nikita and Neha Shah to bring request of India’s Raw Star contestants – Darshan Raval and Mohit Gaur – on a plate had to sacrifice their time to get desired cooking equipment and ingredients in the bidding. Ashish got pasta maker and coffee, Bhakti a foaming machine and guava and Vijay the roti maker and mozzarella cheese in the auction. Since Bhakti earned the advantage of preparing her innovative dish in two hours, she got enough time to go with the concept of making a guava cake and foam. However, she failed to make use of extra time to a certain extent given that it took more than a few minutes to remove the chunkiness of guava seeds.

The boys enjoyed a lot seeing her in a tad trouble in view of the fact that she used her mind to compel Ashish and Vijay reduce as many as minutes possible to get tool and component what they strongly wished to have. Ashish poured all his efforts to make lasagna with a twist of sweetness while Vijay chose to go with Kati roll to stay in the competition. Viewers are curious to notice who will stand out with his/her idea and get success to put all elements of the dish on plate in attention-grabbing manners and who has to fly back home for not meeting expectation of great chefs, who are imparting their role in the popular cookery show as judges.

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