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Snicha Launches New Sports Celebrities & Fan App

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Snicha Launches New Sports Celebrities & Fan App

December 01
23:31 2017

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 12/01/2017 — LevRes Technology, an app developer of social networking technology, announced today it is releasing Snicha, an app for anyone who is as an authentic sports fan of professional or collegiate celebrities. Designed for fun and engagement, Snicha is ideal for anyone who enjoys supporting their favorite baseball, basketball, football, hockey or any other sports team, athlete or celebrity. It is iOS compatible and is downloadable for free via the App Store.

Snicha is the perfect tool to capture and share the moment. For anyone who has ever encountered (or wants to encounter) their favorite celebrity in-person, Snicha helps bring you closer to your favorite superstars and sports celebrities. It also enables you to browse recent sightings, share your own good fortune, or simply interact with fellow fans, increasing your chances of seeing celebrities in real life, at a location nearby.

Snicha users, who are fortunate enough to run into a celebrity athlete at the mall, at a hotel, at a community fundraiser, or simply walking down the street, can celebrate the moment by taking a selfie featuring the two of you. And when you do, you can share, link, post images and earn some serious attention from your fellow fans, who may be in with a chance to meet the celebrity nearby too. Snicha’s unmatched real time sightings will rapidly increase your chances of being in the know, seeing someone you’re passionate about, in person! 

“Snicha is a new and exciting way for fans to engage with their favorite sports celebrities,” said Brad Resnik, founder of Snicha. ”Who hasn’t been thrilled when bumping into a world-class football athlete, someone you support, follow and admire? Now imagine freezing the moment and sharing your good fortune with like-minded fans nearby? Sharing and following sightings of your favorite sports celebrities, is what Snicha offers the ultimate sports fan.”

About Snicha
Snicha was developed by LevRes Technology Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia. Snicha is social, mobile and global. For more information visit: http://snicha.com

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Company Name: Snicha PR
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Website: www.snicha.com

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