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Foggy Mornings to Come in Picture Soon

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Foggy Mornings to Come in Picture Soon

December 29
14:43 2016

smog1New Delhi, Thursday, December 29 – Dwellers of Delhi are feeling the warmth in winters. A bright sunshine, a bit hot climatic condition, which actually feel pleasant at the present, and some considerable percentage of humidity are giving the indication that this year will end on a shiny note. However, as per reports, New Year eve will be smoggy.

Temperature of the national capital will drop and the trend of rising mercury will not be observed anytime soon. In the current month, Delhiites have been exposed to both mild hot and cold weathers. Extremely icy temperature during the weekend restricted many to stay at home and avoid being hit by chilly waves. But mood of climate was totally different early this week.

Quick transition in climate is never considered good as people are usually unaware how it is going to affect their health. Negligence and careless attitude make many residents to seek medical assistance to cure seasonal diseases like congestion in chest, sore throat, runny nose, cough and fever lasting up to 3 to 4 days.

It is a sunny day today as well. The comfort of daylight is enjoyed by the populace as they step out of the house. Selling of room heaters, blowers and geysers with both minimal and maximum water storage capacity has peaked. Weathermen say sunbeams will stay in picture for a couple of days in the metropolitan city.

According to latest reports about weather in the Delhi-NCR, mercury will not fall considerably out of the blue but steadily, maximum temperature will be below 20 degree Celsius, letting fog to appear once again. Lower temperature is also likely to decrease few more notches up till next week. Iciness is to embrace the city almost immediately. No wonder that people would have to dress in layers after a short span of time.

Pace of the wind will be high today too but that would not be a problem in the noontime. The higher the speed of the gust, the colder will be the surrounding in the late hours. Some smoke during the dawn keep on having an effect on operations of flights and trains. No sun for most of the hours will make inhabitants reel under severe cold climate.