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Delhiites Enjoy Sitting Under the Sun during Wintry Month

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Delhiites Enjoy Sitting Under the Sun during Wintry Month

December 19
15:16 2016

sundNew Delhi, Monday, December 19 – Thick fog cover in the city is not in the picture from a while now. Though morning time was a bit misty today, the general public residing in the national capital enjoyed a clear environment soon.

Scenario is expected to be almost same for this week. Wintriness is likely to be felt by the end of this month since weather is to change. In view of the fact that cold waves worsen normal living in this season, probability of seeing some quick transition can’t be denied.

Sky is to remain clear from Monday till the end of this week. Enormous sunshine even though half of December month is passed is once again pointing to a likelihood that winter may be warm in Delhi as similar to previous year.

On one hand, people are heaving a sigh of relief to observe sun shining, operation of domestic and international flights that is getting affected to a certain extent is bothering the passengers, on the other hand. Maximum temperature is expected to fluctuate in the range of 23 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius and minimum temperature in 9 degree Celsius and 11 degree Celsius. Humidity will increase from 42 per cent to 56 per cent