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Read Newspapers to Increase Knowledge Quotient & Intelligence

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Read Newspapers to Increase Knowledge Quotient & Intelligence

October 17
14:25 2016

npNew Delhi, Monday, October 17 – Not everybody likes reading newspapers on a daily basis but those who develop this habit as the time passes by are able to notice its immense benefits. The persons who read often not only gain self-confidence but also collect immense knowledge, which is unending and never goes waste.

A most recent study based on human longing to earn as much information about politics, world, entertainment industry, history, sports, science & technology, business and lifestyle as possible found individual with habit of going into the details of various incidents through newspaper sharper and cleverer as compared to those who read general knowledge enhancing contents once in a week or never.

The research also took notice of the readers who although couldn’t find time to go through the entire content of the tabloid but do not forget to give a fleeting look over maximum headlines. In spite of the fact that it is yet inadequate in a number of senses, the routine enables them achieve a spot from where they can contribute in valuable discussions. To let kids get friends with written stuffs, motivating towards knowing significance of book reading can be helpful.

Ask them learn by heart all crucial incident perfectly and do revision of the same while jotting important points in a notebook. Implementing it in daily life is although not easy but could be rewarding in the long run as knowledge is the major key to success. The custom of reading books and magazines gives inhabitants the courage to speak in public, adding another gem in their personality, the research mentioned further.