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Automobile Brake Disc Specialist – Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd.

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Automobile Brake Disc Specialist – Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd.

June 14
21:04 2022

Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 1961 and has become the largest friction material manufacturer in Taiwan. Currently having lS09002, QS9000 and IS014001 certifications since 1996 as well as ISO/TS 16949 approval in 2003. With the aim to improve quality, in 2003, NHC introduced advanced friction material R&D from Europe, U.S.A. and Japan. Using these new management, testing, inspection techniques, and quality has improved.


From 2005, NHC established R&D center, and successfully developed more than 100 kinds of different asbestos free formulations. Especially the ceramic fiber (NAO, LM, SM) and full metallic, both the high-performance materials can endure 600oC high temperature which are suitable for cars, motorcycles, ATV, special cars, and racing cars. By fully following the ISO/TS16949 quality control system, NHC comprehensively control the process from raw material storage, friction material allocation, mixing, pre-processing, and processing, to packing and shipping. 

NHC possess the entire equipment for testing the product performance for OEM. Coordinating with the processing control, NHC pursue products that are trustworthy, high performance, high quality, and stable to customers. To further the goal of having a higher standard of product, NHC has had technical exchanges with several top international friction researchers to ensure the educational training of Q.A. management staff progress.


The R&D team possess the complete inspecting equipment that offers various friction materials to meet the market demand. By inspecting the performance, property, analysis, comparing, NHC’s products pass the SGS certification, non-toxic, in conformity with the law of ROHS, REACH, and meet the need of OEM, OES, and AM market.

Global warming is a serious topic that is commonly discussed by individuals and corporations through the world.  Different type of pollutions, water, air noise, and heavy metal cause harm to both the atmospheric and environmental conditions and ecologies. As a friction material manufacturer in Taiwan for more than 50 years, Nan Hoang and its associate, would like to participate in providing greener products for consumers and help society as a whole. In January 2012, Nan Hoang started to develop the low copper and copper-free disc brake pads; Nan Hoang would like to be even more innovative in the future as well as see larger consumption of these more ecological materials.

In June 2012, these eco-friendly pads were finished and they are rated in: 1) initial performance, 2) wear life, 3) rotor offensive, 4) fading, 5) climate temperature efficiency, 6) high temperature resistance, 7) high speed efficiency (180km/h), 8) noise, and 9) dust to create an even higher standard of performance. So far, NHC has successfully developed more than 8000 products and applied in more than 1800 brake pads for car use.

NHC also has an established team that oversees and controls product quality ensuring customer satisfaction. Products produced by NHC have been recognized by Europa and together NHC’s service and products have been given European Union certification.

NHC Brake Pad

Using advanced technologies, Eco-friendly raw materials, mild ceramic fibers, and strict quality control, the performance of products is consistence and has a powerful yet stable initial braking effect. Long life, less rotor contact (stratchless), low fade, heat endurance, high speed efficiency (180km/h), noise reduction and dampening, low dust, excellent pedal responsiveness and operation comfort, the new generation of brake pads have『Optimum braking potentials, infinite performance』. NHC disc brake pads divide environment, characteristics and driving habits.

Lab Equipment

As Taiwan’s largest friction material lab, NHC follows the management protocols of ISO / IEC17025. Equipped with multi-functional precise inspection equipment, NHC is able to provide for many applications, test for product performance, and has the capabilities to compare multiple products through various analyzes.

Contact Nan Hoang via: www.nhc-brakes.com 

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