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Festivity before Srikrishna Jayanti Keeps Populace Busy

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Festivity before Srikrishna Jayanti Keeps Populace Busy

August 24
14:51 2016

kanhaNew Delhi, Wednesday, August 24 – Janmashtami celebration is one of the festivals which is celebrated across the nation to observe the birthday of Lord Krishna every year. It is to fall on Thursday, August 25 this year.

The celebration has gripped the citizens already since they have geared up to enjoy the Dahi Handi event, in which the biggest human pyramid by ‘govindas’ wins the humongous prize money if they break a clay pot filled with buttermilk that is hung at a right height.

More to the point, the task to beautify the places of worship in Delhi and national capital regions is in progress. Some temples have been decorated with lights and flowers to boost festivity thought. Besides this, the devotees are all set to throng city temples to take a glimpse of Lord Krishna’s spellbinding magnificence. The festivity mood has rejoiced the inhabitants of Mathura and Vrindavan as well. According to available reports at the present, scores of devotees are probable to flock these holy places as soon as possible to get coloured in the festivity mood.

Preparations are well under way in these two holy cities and various other regions, to let people witness the majestic birth celebration of Shri Krishna. In addition to this, chants and prayers are to certainly to add to the feel of grand event on the occasion of Janmashtami, which is celebrated every year amid enormous enthusiasm. Here is to describe that more than a few roads leading to Iskcon Temple of the Delhi and Noida have worn a festive look for the celebration a number of followers of Shri Krishna and Radharani are to observe fast after a day.

Demand of Laddu Gopal’s idols has vastly increased. Krishna costumes are being sold like hot cakes as parents love to dress up their kids as baby Krishna. People have been placing order for customized Janmashtami presents as well to give loved ones a token of love that remains in memory for a long time. The administration of several schools of the city has asked kids studying in junior classes to dress up like Radha or Krishna to let them know about Indian culture and festivals. The cutest pair among all will be awarded too. Since not so much time remains for the event to begin, people make sure to get everything at their place to observe the celebration with utmost enthusiasm.