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Eangelmarkets and Chain Capital cooperate deeply to build wealth value

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Eangelmarkets and Chain Capital cooperate deeply to build wealth value

January 07
22:16 2022

In order to effectively solve the pain points of the blockchain market and create a new generation of decentralized multi-chain derivatives contract trading platform with resource interoperability and complementary advantages, Eangelmarkets and Chain Capital deeply cooperate, innovate economic models, build wealth value, and carry out in-depth cooperation in Eangel contract trading.

Eangelmarkets and Chain Capital cooperate deeply to build wealth value

Chain Capital adheres to the mission of “making cryptocurrencies work for social progress” and vigorously develops DeFi business, including: Oracle, Exchanges&Liquidity, Credit&Lending, custodial services, NFT, stable currency, insurance, etc. This cooperation makes full use of Chain Capital’s resources and technical advantages, and works with Eangelmarkets to create Eangel contract transactions. Eangel contract trading has high liquidity, extremely low slippage and excellent depth, which combines the security and transparency of DEX and the speed experience of CEX, and is committed to providing users with the best decentralized contract trading experience. Eangel contract transactions have the advantages of fund security, smooth use, wide variety, and value support.

Chain Capital implements the concept of “everyone is equal for value currency investors” and is a new type of digital fund focusing on blockchain head project investment and professional digital asset management. By combining traditional financial wisdom and the application of new blockchain technologies, Chain Capital has helped create a number of world-class investment projects through mining, incubation and resource management. The core team has many successful investment cases in the blockchain industry. 

Smion Li, the founder of Chain Capital, said: “Decentralized trading platforms have become a hot market, and the trading volume of derivatives has repeatedly hit record highs. We are very happy to cooperate with Eangelmarkets this time, especially Eagle contract trading is one of the core ecosystems of Eangelmarkets. I believe With the sincere cooperation of the two companies, the Eangel contract transaction will surely be successful.”

Eangelmarkets is a brand new multi-chain derivatives contract trading platform, with a friendly automatic market maker mechanism (FAMM), order book and decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol, which can realize the security, fast and Low-cost exchange/tokens, cross-chain transfer and liquidity mining. Through innovative decentralized derivatives algorithms, it brings together the trading advantages of CEX and DEX to help users use different derivatives trading services with faster transaction speed, better security, better liquidity and capital efficiency.

In addition to supporting decentralized spot trading and traditional financial forex, gold, stock indices, etc., Eangelmarkets also supports futures (perpetual contracts), options, synthetic assets, insurance and many other derivatives trading, while the unique flexible cross-chain technology will cover spot trading of all kinds of tokens, as well as on BSC, Ether, Polka, Polygon, Matic, TRON and other mainstream public chains for derivatives trading.

Eangelmarkets said: “This in-depth cooperation will have a positive impact on the subsequent development of the Eangelmarkets project. Eagle contract trading is one of the core functions of the trading platform. The advantages such as a wide variety and value support are of great significance. We are confident and able to build Eangelmarkets into a model of a new generation of multi-chain derivatives contract trading platform.”

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