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Rain Unlikely to Dampen Festive Spirit in Capital

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Rain Unlikely to Dampen Festive Spirit in Capital

July 05
16:56 2016

cloudsNew Delhi, Tuesday, July 5 – Frequent rainfall in the city in the last few days spurred the thought that it is to stay in picture for long. To a certain extent, such expectations are to turn true but not completely since monsoon has arrived on a weak note.

Some percentage of rainfall is supposed to keep city lanes wet in the remaining days of the week. Showers lasting for more than a few minutes are likely tomorrow as well when several people will be celebrating Eid-u’l –Fitr. Since considerable amount of precipitation is not on the cards, the festive spirit may not dampen by it.

Nobody likes rain playing spoilsport on important occasions. If it occurs towards the end of the day, people won’t be bothered a lot. Nonetheless, picture can be totally opposite. Given that not all road of the national capital are properly constructed, problems are faced by people travelling on a rainy day. Showers turn dirt paths to mud soup, creating a mess for everyone.

The season to get affected by sudden drop and rise in temperature has arrived. Doctors encourage people to opt for lukewarm water for drinking instead of continuing with cold water. This will help seasonal flu, throat infection, cold and cough problems at bay. Scattered thunderstorms are to take place today making maximum and minimum temperatures to fluctuate in the range of 36 degree Celsius and 27 degree Celsius. Humidity is on the rise after precipitation. Each region of the metro city might not receive rains. Sun will play hide and seek to add to the dampness. Wind is to blow at the pace of 11 km per hour.