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Creative Imagination Transforms Waste Material into Artistic Stuffs

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Creative Imagination Transforms Waste Material into Artistic Stuffs

December 03
11:38 2013

materailNew Delhi, Tuesday, December 3 – Are you the one who throws all sorts of broken materials and useless items out of the house or one among them who has the talent to give a total new look to the waste materials? If your answer comes ‘positive’ for the second parts of the question, then undoubtedly, you are blessed with a natural flair. Exquisite items can be created within few minutes and that is just possible as soon as quick use of striking idea is implemented. There are a lot of things in our household that can be reused and converted into absolutely astonishing materials, for instance, cold drink bottles, beads, caps of water bottles, soft drink cans etc.

•    Spacious Cases from Shoe Box: –

Generally, we throw away shoe boxes without knowing how differently it can be used. Just take out the velvet paper or shining piece of cloth. Stick it properly on the boxes using ‘easy to stick’ glue. Now, place some artificial stones or sequences, making an appropriate design. Stick them too. Designer laces or gotas would be good to attach on the sidelines for superb askance. Leave the box for another 20 to 25 minutes and let the materials get dried aptly. The twinkling case is just ready to store useful items like pencils, pen, note books etc.

•    Almonds and Groundnut Covers : –

Most of the times, we do not realize how useful can be the covers of almonds and groundnuts! Draw a sketch as per your wish, for example, butterfly, caterpillar and flowers. Now, apply glue on the sketch. Place the sturdy covers one by one and allow them to dry at least for an hour. Paint them with desired colors and enhance their beauty by applying sliver or golden glitters. A beautiful crafty material is ready to give a face-lift to the corner of house. In fact, these are best for school projects.

•    Broken Toys : –

If you have kids, then it is for sure that your home will be full of useless and broken toys. However, these can be used intelligently to create mind boggling materials. Stick the tufted toys at the top of dining chair, to make it look special and stylish. These can be tied up with twinkling or colorful threads to increase the beauty of armoire and fridge handles.

•    Torn Denims : –

Amazing handbags can be made from torn or ripped denims. Cut a specific design and stitch them from the side using good quality thread. Attach a handle and decorate the bag with gorgeous buttons. Specific designs can be created from colorful strings. Readymade flowers can also be stuck for giving the handmade bag an exclusive appearance.

•    Useless Plastics : –

Plastics are good materials for crafting designer materials. If you have broken pieces of bucket or tumblers, then place them on paper in a way that it could display a worthy art form. Flower petals, leaves and faces can be created from plastic wastes. Moreover, a unique frame can also be made using broken piece of plastics. Define its beauty using stickers and glitters.

•    Fuse Bulbs : –

Fuse bulbs can be one of the best decorative items as soon as stunning designs are nicely painted on them. Funny cartoon characters can also be highlighted on the bulbs using vibrant colors. Hang them using a string to create a vivacious look for the kids’ corner.

•    Old Newspapers : –

Newspapers are a huge source behind formation of attractive materials.  Take out the best picture from the newspaper (prefer having the giant one) and get it laminated. This can be used as dinning table sheet for serving food. Besides, stick several newspaper cuttings one by one. Now, cut them in ideal design. Put glue at the corners, to create a shopping bag like structure. Make handles using soft rope. Attach them in the bag, which can be taken for shopping veggies, fruits and other household goods.

In the nutshell, there are several items inside our residence that can be completely renovated as useful products. Why to wait any longer? Show your creativity and get ready for the praiseworthy remarks.

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