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Rape & Abducting Cases Rise; Girls Hunt for Safer Play to Stay

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Rape & Abducting Cases Rise; Girls Hunt for Safer Play to Stay

December 19
12:56 2013

rape1New Delhi, Thursday, December 19 – Increasing cases of rapes and abducting have made women to live in a fearful environment, since they are unable to feel themselves safe and secure mentally. Each street in the capital seems terrifying given that there are no useful security measures for the protection of girls.

Talk about a female child, a teenager, working lady or a married woman, no one is actually safe in the city. Although, a lot of rape cases have been reported in other parts of the country but Delhi remains the highly unsafe metropolis to reside.

Several young women come to the capital and NCR region to pursue further education, however, they get disturbed with misconducts by stubborn males of their areas or colleges. In fact, safety is no where. Just a couple of days ago, the nation remembered ‘Damini’ on the occasion of first anniversary of horrifying December 16 rape incident. To everyone’s surprise, a child of one and a half month old was sexually assaulted by a neighbor in Chanakyapuri and a teenager was raped in GTB Enclave of northeast Delhi.

Cruelty over females has amplified to an unbelievable extent. A lady in her early 30’s was gangraped by 4 men in Lakhimpur in a moving auto, which she boarded to pick her daughter after school hours. The rapists mutilated her cruelly and gouged out her eyes by iron rods. She was even flung from the vehicle after being raped and left to bleed on the road. Where is the humanity? Is there no one to actually offer a helping hand to women who are actually in trouble?

Who can forget the ATM attack that shocked almost everyone? Corporation Bank manager Jyothi Uday, who was attacked barbarously with a machete by a stranger in daylight inside an ATM in Bangalore, was also left to bleed for nearly 2 hours when she tried to have an escape as soon as the suspected man started to terrify her on a gun point. The incident made everyone to think twice before entering an unguarded ATM.

Molestation of a school toddler of class 5th by a school teacher in a reputed Delhi school actually made several parents worried about the safety of their children, who hardly know the actual meaning of sexually harassment. Although, culprit was arrested by the Delhi cops as soon as girl’s parent filed a complained against him but is there any guarantee that such incidences wouldn’t be repeated!

More to our shock, a mother of two kids was raped by one of his neighbour last month when her husband left for his office. Tehelka ‘Editor in Chief’ Tarun Tejpal and Justice Ashok Kumar Ganguly have been making top news stories these days and too, after being named in sexual assault cases. Awful crimes in various states have blemished the image of humanity. Needful measures must be taken at the earliest, to put permanent a full stop on rapes and molestation. Government should cross check about the security measures across the capital. Besides, there is a need to provide good transportation facility to college students in late hours. Let us see a dream together of making our place perfectly safe for staying.

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