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Hot Weather in August Makes Delhiites Bear the Brunt

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Hot Weather in August Makes Delhiites Bear the Brunt

August 27
16:37 2014

no rainNew Delhi, Wednesday, August 27 – Normally, clouds hang in the sky during August in most of the states. However, inadequate precipitation up to now has made everyone worried as hot climatic conditions are making life hell. Forget about rain, the intensity of sunrays is so extreme that it gives the feel as if May and June are about to come.

Middle and lower classes are hit hard by hot weather, which is aggravating the situation with each passing day. There is no chance of precipitation today even though sky remains party cloudy. Lesser rainfall is adding to the problems of farmers, who are keenly waiting for their farmlands to be wet by downpour so that good produce can be obtained at the end. Drought-like situation in many regions is disturbing the masses.

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