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Freezing Cold in America; Temperature Goes Below – 52 Degree

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Freezing Cold in America; Temperature Goes Below – 52 Degree

January 08
11:43 2014

snowUnited States, Wednesday, January 8 – People in America are fighting with severe cold these days that turned troublesome for everyone. A lethal explosion of arctic air smashed temperature records of several years as soon as it covered the eastern United States yesterday.

Grumbling wind and thick cover of snow have made life of the common mob completely hell. Traveling by road vehicles, trains and flights is nearly impossible due to less visibility and stiff snow on every street, railway track and runway. Schools and colleges were shut in Minneapolis and Chicago. The current temperature in the country has broken the records of two decades.

Shelters for homeless people have been built but frosty air in the country became life threatening for them. As per the latest reports, death toll has increased and reached up to 15 till now. Weather forecasters have proclaimed that similar situation will continue for some more days and advised people not to come out of the house until it is not too necessary.

Main metropolises of America were in the cover of temperatures that have gone below – 52 degree. People in Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Washington and Boston are helpless to find an easy escape from bitter cold. Health experts have asked them to put on as many as layers they can. After cold weather advisory, a lot of citizens chose to stay at home as body freezing temperature can hurt the normal functioning of the veins and arteries and may turn lethal if not cured on time.

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