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Focus on Quality Internet Surfing; Frequent Visits over Social Networking Sites Kill Time

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Focus on Quality Internet Surfing; Frequent Visits over Social Networking Sites Kill Time

January 15
13:15 2014

social sitesNew Delhi, Wednesday, January 15 – With the emergence of social networking sites like Orkut, Twitter and Facebook, lives of the common mob have turned a bit complicated. Quick updates, sharing of the pictures & thoughts, likes and comments are perhaps a few tasks that rose interest among the people. If recent studies are to be believed, then excessive use of internet may lead to mental health problems and cause feeling of isolation among the youngsters.

The youth brigade of India that is supposed to be much active, enthusiastic and energetic made themselves tired and sleepy by immensely accessing web facilities in the wee hours. A few years ago, teenagers and populace in early twenties were passionate of learning new things via internet, which brought lots of comfort in everyone’s life by providing useful information over almost all the topics. But as soon as social networking sites came into being, the same learning period was converted into the enjoyment time, letting internet surfers busy in making new friends online, upload pictures & videos and share photographs.

A latest report has shown that a considerable number of net users waste their precious time in likings pictures of their friends and posting comments for the same. Social networking sites may not be called good for college and office goers. Since social media kills too much of time, that is why a lot of employers of first rate companies ask their employees not to access them during the office hours. On the other hand, there are some unmatched features of these sites as well that can’t be ignored. Several people have different stories to tell that how they got closed with their old school friends, with whom they lost all sorts of contact long time ago. In fact, older citizens who make the most of the Internet services for generating close contacts with their kin and best buddies are less probable to suffer from depression.

Morale of the story is this – it is over the people how they use internet for bringing positive change in life. There is no doubt that internet has brought huge change in our regular routine. We get to know about crucial information over various subjects and that too, via a few clicks! It would not be wise to stay away from gathering knowledge. In fact, if you can discipline yourself, then internet usage can be your best friend. Draw a line till where to go and where to stop. Do not check out your emails frequently. This even wastes much of your time. It would be better to take out a quality one hour at the end of the day to look over important emails and updates on your social networks. Effective tools are in your hands. Just wake up and be a person who is focused over gathering quality content from internet rather than just surfing social sites.

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