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Fights in the Bigg Boss House Turn Ugly; Karishma Tanna Faces Injury in Head

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Fights in the Bigg Boss House Turn Ugly; Karishma Tanna Faces Injury in Head

December 03
13:05 2014

bb82New Delhi, Wednesday, December 3 – Contestants of Bigg Boss season 8 seem incapable to accomplish the assigned tasks peacefully as similar to the inmates of the earlier years. Every time a luxury budget task is introduced, most of the players turn aggressive, which leads to big fights inside the premises and ruins existing equations and bonds among them.

The house was turned into a museum with some of the expensive materials. Puneet Issar, Gautam Gulati, Dimpy Mahajan, Diandra Soares, Upen Patel and Sonali Raut had to guard the belongings, while on the other hand, Karishma Tanna, Praneet Bhatt and Ali Quli Mirza were asked to steal as many as things they can. The team of guards tried to play safe and blamed Ali for stealing one of the stuffs despite knowing that it wasn’t done by him. Karishma Tanna was sent into the jail when she stole a pair of ducks. Sonali released her but on the promise that she would either dance or sing, to which Tanna agreed.

She was shaking legs on the song ‘Jumme ki raat hai’ and all of a sudden her best buddy Diandra came in and asked her to go behind the bars. In an attempt to escape the punishment, Karishma ran towards the garden area but she failed to notice height of the door. Her head stuck harder on it, leaving the small screen actress in pain. As per latest available reports, she got three stitches. The first day of task wasn’t any good for Karishma as Issar accidentally hit her when the 30-year-old model was making efforts to hide the things in the store room.

Massive argument broke between Pritam Singh and his ‘guru ji’ Puneet Issar. Both turned aggressive when Pritam was asking Dimpy not to change the position of expensive items as this wasn’t mentioned in the rule book. They both were later calmed down by Praneet, who appeared most disturbed due to unexpected fight between P3G members. A lot more drama is to be seen by the audience as high-pitch voices will keep on worsening the mood of the housemates in the coming days.

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