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Excessive Inclination towards Technology Tools Keeps Children Away from Playgrounds, Says Study

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Excessive Inclination towards Technology Tools Keeps Children Away from Playgrounds, Says Study

August 22
13:53 2014

children laptopNew Delhi, Friday, August 22 – Perhaps the time has arrived when parents will have to urge their children to play their favorite sports. Scenario was a bit different a few years ago when guardians and even school teachers kept asking kids to focus on study and hone computer skills instead of spending an hour time in the play area. At the present, children have turned so smart that they do not need anyone’s assistance in mastering over a number of mobile or tablet applications. Going out to play football, badminton, volleyball, cricket, lawn tennis etc. is what they can’t even think of. Playing outdoor and indoor games is certainly they do not want now since sports activity seem a waste of time to them.

Earlier, the entire family used to sit together and enjoy defeating each other in ludo and carrom. Such sort of happy scenes are next to impossible to find in this day and age. Massive change in the attitude of children is seen for the reason that they feel comfortable sitting in front of laptop or computer screens and have fun from online games alone or with their siblings. But would it is wiser to blame tiny tots for this? No. Parents are equally responsible for making their children hunt for new games released often. Though mobile technology has made our lives easier and full of comfort, its disadvantages can’t be ignored. As soon as couples get a baby, they start clicking his/her pictures and uploading the same on social networking sites. As he/she grows up a bit more, father and mother do not hesitate in handling the phone to him/her, to have a conversation with other family members. If this habit is practiced for a long time, child gets used to discover what all new has been comprised within the smartphones as what he/she does with the toys.

Before it becomes too late to keep children away from the risk of harmful radiations, parents must try to restrict usage of cell phones and other personal gadgets. Toddlers and teenagers must be taught the importance of being physically active. If a latest study is to be trusted then several kids are having weak eyesight followed by extreme headache, which could be the aftermath of staying in front of computer screens for many hours. There is a need to make growing kids aware of positives and negatives of technology devices so that they can use them for attaining success in life and differentiate between good and bad aspects, the study mentioned further.

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