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Digging Continues for Another Day in Daudia Kheda

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Digging Continues for Another Day in Daudia Kheda

October 21
09:42 2013

Daudia KhedaOctober 21 – In the hunt for 1000 kg of gold, digging continues for another day too in Daudia Kheda, Unnao. By this time nothing important has come out, yet rumor has it, for sure some gold will surely be found.

Scientific report by Geological Society of India has also drawn attention to the possibility of existence of some metal at the place. Not to forget, Shobhan Sarkar, the seer, had also predicted about the hidden gold in Daudia Kheda, which has become one of the highly discussed topics in the current time, followed by a dream.

As per the latest report, Supreme Court will not interfere in the digging work that is going on at the place.

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