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Curtail Sweet Intake to Avoid Multiple Health Issues

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Curtail Sweet Intake to Avoid Multiple Health Issues

October 22
17:55 2014

sweetNew Delhi, Wednesday, October 22 – A number of people love to end up their day with a variety of sweets. A bowl of ice-cream, a few bites of favorite pastry or chocolates satisfy their souls. A limit on the intake of sugary products is necessary before it is too late, said a recent study.

Those who crave for sweets post every meal are more likely to suffer from obesity, high blood pressure & triglycerides, diabetes and heart disease as compared to those who take it in less quantity. The level of risk soars if one is already suffering from any of these problems.

To regulate desire for sweetened substances, inhabitants should start taking in the eatables that are naturally sweet in taste like fruits, nuts, dairy products and whole grains. Homemade cookies can be good options as well for the reason that sugar can be controlled during its making procedure, the research revealed further.

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