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Are You All Set to Welcome New Year with Mouth Watering Dishes!

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Are You All Set to Welcome New Year with Mouth Watering Dishes!

December 27
13:55 2013

foodNew Delhi, Friday, December 27 – Winter vacations are full of joy and enclose lots of surprises for the loved ones. Several educational institutes announced of a week break, to have a full-on entertainment that starts exactly from Christmas.

You must have celebrated the festival with utmost warmth and happiness, but are you ready to keep up the momentum live up till the New Year starts? First day of the year is always special for everyone in distinct ways. One might feel happy after partying with friends, while some feel themselves at cloud nine post sharing some tasty foodstuffs with underprivileged children, who can hardly arrange proper meals to eat everyday. Whatever may be the way of celebration, motto should be to share contentment with the people around you.

If you are an office goer and about to get a mid-day off on New Year, then it is better to utilize the holiday with family and friends by cooking lip-smacking dishes. A lot of modern cooking appliances have been introduced in market that are meant to ease the task of preparing delicious items and that too, within short span of time. Apart from this, quality time can be spent with all friends and kin if you have some packets of ‘ready to make’ dishes.

Raise a ‘homemade’ toast, which can be made from ingredients of your choice. Just mix wisely your favorite drink, along with the taste enhancing elements, to have a heavenlicious sip. Prepare cakes, cup cakes, muffin rolls and other items of your choice that can spread smile on the faces of other people, who have come at your place to celebrate the first day of 2014. Give a pause to all sorts of domestic and office chores and get indulged into cooking and do not hesitate to take the help from the guests. In fact, this will add to warmth in your relationship and lighten the work load.

Undoubtedly, a festival is an occasion of holding get-togethers. One should give all his efforts to make the party perfectly live and energetic. For successful proceeding of the same, food and drinks play pivotal role. Keeping this in mind and universal likings of popular dishes, make an appropriate arrangement. Make sure that guests of every age group are enjoying the party to the fullest.

There is no substitute of homemade cuisine. It would be far good to know about tastes of the guest a few days earlier before the New Year party. Include tastier veggie with a twist of your creativity and imagination. Do not forget to pour your love in creating dishes that will be vital to add unforgettable flavor in the food.

Start with a light entrée, which could be soup, veggie delight cup cakes, spring rolls, momos or samosas. Do not forget to serve a plateful of delicious main course food. Last but not the least, lift up everyone’s taste bud with relishing sweet dish, which might be halwa, pudding or a portion of pastries. All things considered, the zest is that creative ideas are just around you. The only need is to pick the best one to throw a party that is memorable for all. Enjoy!

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